All You Need to Know About Employment Law in Parramatta

27. July 2017 Employment Law 0
All You Need to Know About Employment Law in Parramatta

employment lawyers parramattaEmployment Law issues can be really dicey. The relationship between an employer and an employee can often be rocked by disagreements brought about by unmet expectations. Whether you are an employee or an employer, you need to equip yourself with skills, procedures, and structures that will enable you to have a cordial relationship at the work place bringing about the desired results; profit for the firm and satisfaction to the employee. Employment law focuses on this relationship between the employee, employer, trade unions and the government.

Some of the most common employment related conflicts in Australia today include:

  • Unfair dismissal from the work place
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Contract violations and work policies
  • Compensations due to injuries sustained at the work place
  • Discrimination of any kind infringing on your rights
  • Workplace redundancy and restructuring

Most of the above issues are centered on the employer infringing on the rights of the employee. However, both the employer and the employee need to understand how to deal with these issues as and when they arise. It may be difficult to keep up all the regulations set in the employment law while at the same time concentrating on your key mandate. This is where employment firms come in place to assist you as and when you find yourself in the above circumstances.
Employment Law Firms in Parramatta: One needs to find firms that are dedicated to sorting their work related disputes amicably and to their liking. In Australia today many firms exist that have this their core goal. Below are some of the more known firms and lawyers:
Sydney Lawyers and Associates: They offer legal help in, Business and Commercial Law, Conveyancing and Property Law, Criminal Law, Debt Recovery, Insurance Law, Litigation, Wills, Probate, and Estate. They are located in Parramatta and can be contacted on 1300 544 437

Dooley & Associates Solicitors: They promise to assist you in all employment relations disputes while offering you advice as an employer. You can reach them on 1300 306 335

City Legal Solicitors: They pride themselves in combining traditional legal practice with e-Commerce to develop a unique lawyer-client environment. Their e-Law practice takes advantage of technology to do away with traditional barriers to client communications and legal process. Contact them on 61 2 9687 5850

W.D. Hunt and Associates Also located in Parramatta: It is an employment law firm that specializes on personal injury compensation. If you get an injury at your workplace in exercise of your duties or otherwise and you would love advice in this area, you can contact them on 61 2 96891822


If you are looking for a good employment lawyer inĀ Parramatta please contact Cogent Lawyers.

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